How can you create an engaging learning environment? FLIP it!
What can you FLIP?
FLIP Your Classes

Boredom kills learning.  As an educator, you know the learning environment is changing rapidly, and we must shift the way we think about the teaching and learning process.   We’re on a mission to expand what it means when you FLIP a class, and we offer guidance and resources to support you and your students in this process.

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FLIP Your Programs

Professional development, education and training programs are opportunities to make an impact and encourage participants to take initiative.  These programs should inspire others to take action, advance their knowledge, and build new skills.  This is the perfect time to FLIP your approach and create a program that makes a difference.

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FLIP Your Meetings

Do you go to meetings that waste your time? Do you feel like your ideas are heard?  Time is valuable. Ideas are valuable. People are valuable. How often do you bring these three together in ways that matter?  Meetings sometimes get a bad reputation, but if you can FLIP them, you can maximize time and create meetings that make a difference.

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