Dr. Barbi Honeycutt

Barbi Honeycutt, Ph.D.

Fifteen years ago, I participated in my first FLIP, but I didn’t know it at the time.  It happened when I was a graduate student attending new student orientation along with 900 of my peers. As presenter after presenter showed slide after slide about who to contact for what and when, we became more and more disoriented!

And then it happened.

One speaker grabbed the microphone, moved out from behind the podium, stepped off the stage, walked around the room and started talking with us instead of at us.

We woke up.
We started reading.
We started writing.
We started talking to the speaker.
We started talking to each other.
We started thinking.

He flipped the whole idea of orientation!

This was an “ah ha!” moment for me, and this one experience launched the whole idea behind Flip It Consulting and the flipped model I created.  I now travel around the country hoping to create this type of “ah ha!” moment for other educators and instructors.

In 2011, I created Flip It Consulting to expand on my work as a scholar and educator.  I created the acronym “FLIP” which means to “Focus on your Learners by Involving them in the Process.”  I created this model based on the idea of inverted instruction which has been around for more than 30 years. It’s grounded in active learning theory and learning centered course design. Little did I know that a year or so after I created my model, the term “flipped classroom” would emerge as a new trend in education.  But, my model doesn’t rely on videos of lectures. Instead, I focus on the fundamental principles of designing courses that are engaging and interactive – one where learning is the focus.

Flip-it_faviconWho Are We?

Based in Raleigh, NC, my colleagues and I hope to inspire and support educators who want to create engaging learning environments using the FLIP.  We’re not the first to use the inverted learning model, but we are the only company expanding the concept of the FLIP and applying it to classrooms, training sessions, and meetings.  We inspire you to go beyond the usual methods and re-energize all of your environments to enhance creativity, encourage engagement, and increase motivation. We focus on how you teach so people will engage with and be inspired by what you teach. 

Flip-it_faviconWhat Do We Do?

The FLIP focuses on your participants, and Flip It Consulting focuses on you.  We facilitate workshops, design resources, and develop professional development programs to teach educators, trainers and instructors how to create engaging participant-centered learning environments using the FLIP.  Our work is grounded in educational theory, informed by research, and designed for practical application. And we share our secrets!  All of our events are flipped, and we end each one with The Reveal which explains every flipped strategy we used.

Flip-it_faviconWhy Do We Flip?

We avoid the “same old, same old.”  We challenge ourselves, our colleagues, and our students to go against the norm, explore new possibilities, and try new ideas. We work hard to create engaging learning environments, develop innovative flipped strategies, and design quality educational experiences which we hope inspires other educators to do the same.

We look forward to working with you!

Barbi Honeycutt, Ph.D.
Founder & Owner, Flip it Consulting